Build a Strong Security Culture.

We Help You Reduce Cyber Security Risks, Save Time & Money by Delivering Effective Blended Simulation-based Awareness Training.

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Who We Are

We Are Passionate About What We Do.

We help you solving real & challenging problems. We do our best everyday to create a meaningful value to our customers, users, community members and partners. Efficiency, effectiveness and making a positive difference by creating a win-win environment are the core principles of our vision and what we do.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

We believe that efficiency and effectiveness are critical to anyone and any business. We practice it ourselves in everything we do and we help others do the same.

Passionate & Talented Team

We believe that nothing can be done without a great, passionate & talented team. A combination of the right people, processes and technology represents the winning formula.

Win-win Environment

We believe that creating a win-win environment is the key success for any business relationship. A strong ecosystem which includes customers, partners and the communities where we live.

Complex & Real problems

We believe that "reinventing the wheel is not the way to go". This is why we focus on creating offers and solutions to help our customers solve their challenging problems. Making people's and businesses lives easier is our main focus.

What We Do

Transform Your People to The Strongest Cybersecurity Link.

Studies confirmed that the human factor is responsible for most security breaches. We understand that businesses and organizations face different challenges. The lack of time and resources make security awareness as a non-urgent and/or non-important activity for many of them. Our goal is to make a different and add value to our clients by taking care of this critical aspect. We combine the power of technology, optimized processes, effective training content, combined delivery methodologies and talented experts to deliver an effective user training and awareness programs.

In addition to public training sessions, we do serve customers from different regions (Canadian based and others located in different countries). Our main mission is to make a positive difference by helping our customers build a strong cyber security culture by transforming their employees to the strongest link of defense.
From Startups, small and mid-sized companies, non-profit organizations, entreprises, hospitals, schools, government agencies and more. We can all help you.
You can learn more about our offerings and available packages in this page.

Flexible Onsite Expert Training

In addition to the online learning platform (LMS), and with flexible schedules and curriculum, our experts are available to deliver effective awareness training programs in your workplace to make it easier for your employees. Our goal is to help you keep your business or organization safe and secure.

Simulations - What, Why & How

Fish - Assess - Train. Security is a core element of every business and organization. Everyone wants their employees to be more vigilant, make less security mistakes and have more security common sense. Understanding the why, what and how is critical. Our Simulation and case study based training helps building a security focused culture.

Focus on Real Behaviour Change

Our goal is to help you build and deliver effective security awareness programs which have a real impact, change behaviours and reduce risk in the organization. Training sessions are scheduled based on the business objectives and the defined needs.

How We Do It

A Customized Training Approach.

Building a strong layer of defense is the goal of every organization. How to achieve it may differ from one organization to another. We work with every customer to understand their and their users' needs, their context and challenges in order to deliver the best cyber security awareness training program. We build our training for people and we want it to make a positive impact by building a true cyber security culture. We do deliver in-person training in English and French (Our online training content is available in other languages. Contact us to learn more).


Before delivering any training, our first step is to conduct an initial assessment. This help us understand the business and users' needed from the security awareness perspective. Security awareness is a process and not a one time project. Continuous assessments are required in order to keep the organization secure and its people ready to protect it from known and unknown threats.

Train & Educate

Intruders exploit human behaviours and this where we do focus to strengthen the security defense posture. Fear, trust, curiosity, conformity and rewards are some of the aspects. Our in-person expert training, online training content, simulations, quizzes, games and coaching activities help people increase their level of readiness to protect themselves and their organizations.

Reinforce & Measure

Once the training is delivered, new plans to reinforce the missing parts will be considered based on each individual progress and needs. Measuring the training and awareness activities effectiveness using different types of reporting will give the customer a great idea about the overall success. Our goal is to make our cyber security awareness training useful, fun and meaningful and a good investment for your organization.

Social Impact

We Want to Make a Positive Social Impact.

For every user trained from our customers' teams, we will train a kid for FREE. We believe that investing on future generations is everyone's responsibility, and this is our way to make a difference.
We are working with schools to deliver Cyber Security Awareness Programs for kids. If your school is interested, please communicate with us by using the contact information in the contact us section below.

Career & Partnership Opportunities

We are looking for the best talents and partners to add value.

We are looking for the best talents to help us achieve our mission, add value to our customers and make a positive social impact. If you believe that you have the passion and what it takes to join us, please communicate with us. Some of the openings we have: Passionate Security Awareness Trainers (French / English) and Business development partners.

In order to serve more customers, we are implementing an affiliate program to allow selected partners (businesses and professionals) to join us. An easy way to earn an additional income by recommending our high-quality products and services. Contact us to learn more.

We are also open for business partnership opportunities for a long term win-win relationship. We will be able to evaluate any kind of partner relationship if that adds value to our customers, you and us! Please communicate with us if you are interested or got an idea to discuss.

Our Partners

We Work With The Best to Deliver The Best.

Different businesses and organizations face different cyber challenges. Security awareness is a common area where many businesses have to focus on. SANS classified the Security Awareness Maturity Model into five levels; Non-existent, Compliance Focused, Promoting Awareness & Change, Long Term Sustainment and Metrics based. We do our best to work with the best partners in different areas to help us deliver value and improve your security awareness posture.


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New address (Starting Nov 2019): CITWeb, 6500 Trans-Canadian Highway, Suite 400, Pointe-Claire, H9R 0A5, QC, Canada
CITWeb, 2300 Boulevard Alfred Nobel, Montréal, QC H4S 2A4 Canada

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